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ASTYM (affectionately known as "scraping") 
Is a very effective tool to get RELIEF from the most chronic, stubborn and painful conditions such as:

  • Arch and foot pain (Plantar Fasciitis) 
  • Shin Splints (Anterior Compartment Syndrome)
  • Lateral knee pain, (IT Band syndrome)  
  • Anterior knee pain, (Jumpers or runners knee) 
  • Tennis Elbow ( lateral epicondylitis)
  • Any chronic tendonosis that is over 6 weeks old is a candidate for ASTYM.

ASTYM is effective even if you have FAILED:

  • Injections
  • Hard and expensive Orthotics
  • Rest, ice and Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Cold Laser and Chiro manipulations
  • Kinesio Taping

The best part of ASTYM is that you can stay ACTIVE during treatment!

ASTYM Q&A with Tony Harden, PT
Q - What does ASTYM feel like?
A - ASTYM is not nicknamed "scraping" for giggles.  I tell all my patients that they are in complete control.  If they feel like I am getting in there and making changes that's fine.  But if they want to kick me with the other leg then we need to back off.  Most people have a hurts / feels so good type of feeling.  Many times the immediate relief from the chronic condition is well worth any discomfort they feel.  Over the last couple of years I have had only maybe a handfull of people who have no been able to tolerate the ASTYM.

Q - Is ASTYM an effective treatment by itself?
No,  ASTYM is only one tool.  ASTYM helps to break up the "old fibrotic tissue".  But new tissue must be layed down properly.  This is done by stretching and strengthening the tissue immediately after the ASTYM so the body knows how we want the new tissue to work.  Plus you must correct the biomechanics that caused the problem.  Many times a Plantar Fasciitis is being caused by a hip rotator problem or an Achilles Tendonitis is being caused by a "BAD BUTT" on the same or opposite side.

Q - Can I keep working out during ASTYM treatment? 
A - YES,  We encourage people to continue there activities within a reasonable pain free range.  Remember we are re-educating the tissue.  What better way to re-educate tissue and muscle than the activity you want it to do.

Q - How many ASTYM treatments does it take?
A - It takes between 3 and 30 treatments.  This is what I tell patients because it is hard to judge how chronic the condition is, how much fibrosis has developed, and how the body will respond.

Q - What is an overview of the typical ASTYM.
A - Evaluate the foot or knee dysfunction,  ASTYM the area, Mobilize the foot or ankle, Power Plate stretch,  Power plate strengthening, functional double leg or single leg exercise program, Ultrasound to the area and instruction in HEP.  Usually taking 45 min to an hour.  Patient is seen 2-3x/wk.

You can contact Tony Harden, PT at or call at 480.893.1321.  Tuesday and Thursday mornings are when Tony does phone consultations.
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